1. To implement relevant State laws, regulations, policies on science and technology; to draft the local laws concerning the administration of science and technology and the protection of intellectual property right in Zhejiang, and to implement these laws and regulations after approval.

2. To formulate policies for reform and technical innovation of science and technology system in Zhejiang; to be responsible for the guiding, coordination and supervision of the reconstruction in scientific and technological institutes of Zhejiang Province; to provide guidelines for the management in intermediary sci-tech organizations, nongovernmental sci-tech agents and societies; to coordinate and organize popularization of science and technology in Zhejiang; to be responsible for the management of sci-tech information and journals.

3. To study and define the prior development areas of science and technology in Zhejiang; to work out the medium and long-term development plans and annual development plan; to compose and implement hi-tech industrial planning and annual plan; to be responsible for the administration of funds for the natural science and other projects; to provide guidelines and management for venture capital in science and technology in Zhejiang.

4. To organize fundamental research on industry, agriculture, social development, and high technology and its industrialization research; to compose and implement the planning for breakthrough projects in science and technology; to organize the construction projects in the key laboratory, laboratory base and hi-tech research and development centers; to work out development plan for Torch Program and Spark Program and expansion plan of scientific and technological achievements; to instruct and supervise the work of hi-tech industrial zones on state level and the establishment of hi-tech industrial zones on provincial level; to undertake the daily work for the office of hi-tech development group of Zhejiang; to conduct the certification of hi-tech enterprises outside Zhejiang.

5. To be responsible for the certification of hi-tech enterprises, achievements, products and projects; to manage the appraisal of sci-tech achievements and the work in the areas of information confidence, statistics and files; to be responsible for the technology awarding in Zhejiang; to manage and coordinate the work of intellectual property right and patent; to instruct and supervise technical market and technical intermediary organizations; to promote the construction of sci-tech innovation system and service; to recommend the innovation fund project from small and medium-sized enterprises; to conduct the management about acquiring shares by transferring technology.

6. To participate in the technical reform in key sci-tech projects and the decision-making of major construction projects; to manage the research of soft science.

7. To responsible for the foreign affairs in sci-tech areas; to formulate and implement the plans of international cooperation and exchange in science and technology; to approve or submit for approval sci-tech delegations sent abroad; to organize technology introduction, assimilation and export.

8. To instruct and coordinate sci-tech work between provincial and municipal governments; to implement the policy of prospering the province by relying on science and technology; to improve the technological progress in various regions and industries.

9. To formulate the policy for technical personnel; to participate in the administration, fostering and introduction of technical personnel and the appraisal system of technical titles.

10. To undertake other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government and the Provincial Academy of Sciences.


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